El Tejaban Mexican Grill is an authentic Mexican food family restaurant that was established in 2008. We pride ourselves on being a family owned and operated restaurant that is sure to make you feel right at home. The heart of the restaurant comes from the hard work and dreams of the owner Miguel Hernández, who after 12 years of running corporate kitchen restaurants decided to start his own kitchen with his Mexican roots in mind.


El Tejaban started in a little corner location right across the street from its current location and slowly but surely became a neighborhood little hole in the wall treasure. It had all the warmth of home and the hundredths of curious authentic antique Mexican items that easily started I spy games within families. Over the years El Tejaban “Little hole in the wall” outgrew its self and after 6 years moved to its current location to accommodate the growing number of customers.


Our new home is a wide-open space covered with bright folkloric colors that are sure to make you feel right in Mexico and if you look around you will find little pieces of our old home to give you warmth. El Tejaban can now accommodate numerous large parties at one time and provides a bigger bar to accommodate more people. When you visit us you’ll know you just walked into somebodies dream come true.